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Our educational events are a great way to get hands on experience with the a2z product in a full day comprehensive training. Our User Groups provide time to learn about new innovations in a2z, and network with other a2z users. These events are free for all a2z clients, however seats are limited.

Financial Forensics

Washington, DC | Washington, DC

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Forensic Financials March 22, 2018/td> Washington, DC Register Now!Agenda

Live Webinars

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Our live webinars are a great way to learn more about your a2z system. These webinars are free for all a2z clients, and feature live instruction as well as Q&A time. Live webinars are recorded, please see below for our recorded webinar catalog.

Bootstrap Essentials Part 1: Be Consistent! Verbiage for Your User’s Journey

Friday, March 16th
3:00pm - 4:00pm EDT

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Bootstrap examples of consistency w/ verbiage across a client’s event site.

Intermediate Floor Plan

Wednesday, March 21st
2:00pm - 3:00pm ET

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Add more functionality to your floorplan with booth types, hall/pavilion/sub expo designations, and more. Additionally, we will look at how to use the Texturing tool to create color coded PDF's and assist in the sales process.

Advanced Floor Plan Management

Wednesday, March 28th
2:30pm - 3:00pm ET

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Learn to manage Non-Exhibiting Space, Markings, and Booths that are non-standard shapes.

BootStrap Essentials Part 2: Drive User Engagement w/ Persuasive Homepage Design

Wednesday, April 4th
2:00pm - 3:00pm ET

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Top 5 engaging elements for event home pages.

Webinar Catalog

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Scroll over the name of the webinar for more information. To get a link to the recording, please contact your project manager.

Learn about the basic floor plan tools and functionalities, including merge, split, delete, revive, move and resize. You will also go over a few of the basic reports.

Basic Floor Plan Management

Learn about advanced functionalities, including custom booth fields, move in/move out management, hall, pavilion & SubExpo management and creating poly non-exhibiting space & markings.

Advanced Floor Plan Management

See an overview of the assignment process, adding orders and payments, sending statements, and a review of key financial reports.

Automatic Financials

Learn how to update content throughout your event site, including email templates, content, and functional pages. We will review how to use the formatting tools, how to upload files, and how to organize content pages in the public event site navigation.

Content, Message, and Template Management

Review the conference managment set up process, including adding Speakers, and a look at some of the available conference reports.

Conference Management

Learn about the 3 main types of Reports, along with the top reports for Floor Plan, Financials, and Conference/CFP.

Reports Overview

Have additional information that you need to ask your exhibitors? Need to store more stuff info about your sessions? Have a question you would like to ask during the proposal/abstract submission process? Learn how to use Custom fields to do all these things and more stuff!

Custom Fields

Learn the ins and outs of setting up and configuring a CFP using the a2z proposal management module.

Call For Papers

Learn about all 3 types of Online Exhibitor Contract! Booth Space Application, Online Booth Sales, and Consultative Exhibitor Sales

Online Exhibitor Contract
(All 3 Versions)

Learn how to set up Online Sponsorship Sales module.

Online Sponsorship Sales

Learn what Bootstrap is and what you can do with it in a2z's Content Management. Christian shows how to create and edit a responsive slider with Bootstrap's carousel.

Bootstrap Basics:
Intro to Bootstrap in a2z

Use Bootstrap Elements from to make your content interactive and responsive. Christian will be showing how to create tool tips, accordion tabs, and buttons inside your a2z content pages.

Bootstrap Basics:
Interactive Elements for Content Pages

Learn how to create responsive tables for your a2z sites.

Bootstrap Basics:
Responsive Tables

Customized Training

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Joy Wingert
Joy Wingert
Knowledge & Education Specialist
a2z, Inc.

Joy has more than a decade's experience training clients on a2z's solutions. Schedule a 60 minute training session today! Navigate to the a2z Help Center from your a2z Global Admin to schedule an appointment with Joy.