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Even as the economy rebounds and brands flock back to events, the industry continues to face the challenge of attendee retention. However, the nature of this challenge has changed significantly.

Our competition for the attendees' attention are all the distractions absorbing them in this new digital age. With so many potential experiences vying for their time, anything that takes people away from their work or leisure time has to be absolutely worth it's while. To meet this challenge, the events industry needs to incorporate high-engagement strategies in the mix while continuing to facilitate real business between buyers and suppliers.

At a2z, our focus has been exactly on these lines. We are delivering high quality, engagement driven 'micro moments' through smart technology. This is bringing new audiences to our clients' events while also increasing their engagement levels with each successive event.

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Rajiv Jain (rajivj)  
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ChirpE Photo Booth @ InfoComm
IMCCA@InfoComm ChirpE Photo Booth Delivers Noteworthy Success Once More
ChirpE Photo Booth returned to InfoComm this year to deliver big time and to build up on the noteworthy results from 2014.


ISA FASTMATCH 2015 Success
Industrial Supply Association Brings Attendees and Exhibitors Together
Automated matchmaking, networking, and appointment scheduling helped them get much more out of their time at the event.
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Booth Type Graphic from NTP
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HIMSS Space Selection
Technology and Smart Thinking = Successful HIMSS Space Selection
In this guest blog post, we learn how the HIMSS space selection is evolving and improving with time.
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ChirpE Photo Booth @ InfoComm
Event Sponsorship in a Revitalized Economy
This article shares some trends that came out of many insightful discussions with leading trade show organizers.


Email Marketing Strategies
Email Marketing Strategies for Event Organizers and Marketers
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How to Pick the Perfect Booth for Your Company
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Tips & Tricks
Tips and Tricks: Managing Exhibitor Designated/Appointed Contractors
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