New Hope Finds Booth Sales Efficiency with a2z Solutions

A tedious booth sales and selection program ended three months prior to the event with the collection of exhibitor payments. After booth assignments were generated from an Oracle database, top 3 booth assignments were found on a paper contract from the exhibitor, and New Hope staff would spend 6-8 weeks trying to assign the booths in priority order. By the time they reached the 50th booth, it seemed like every exhibitor wanted the same booths and they were already selected.

Following the decision to start contract negotiations on the show floor, manual selection and confirmation tasks still bogged down the process. Paper floor plans were printed and the exhibitors would arrive at the sales office at a designated time in prioritized order. Even after the decision to move to automation delivered by a2z's tools, the executive management team decided to stay with the same sales office process at first, which wasted a lot of time.

With the implementation of the a2z solution and redefining the business processes, in 4 days, 60-70% of the show floor for the next year is now sold. New Hope is simply accommodating changes and selling the remaining booths for the rest of the year.

Floor plan Validation & Reconciliation – Floor plan layouts, decorator restrictions and booth assignments are all rolled into one application.

Maintaining Booth Inventory – Real time updates and changes made for booth assignments allows the sales team to see floor space availability immediately.

Hold Status Feature – Prior to a2zShow, New Hope had no way to mark a booth as ‘on hold’. Now organization preferences can be indicated until the contract is finalized, and quickly identified for follow up with the potential customers.

Web Site Access – In order to process some of the larger exhibitors in the beginning of the discussions, New Hope creates website access to the floor plan, allowing chosen exhibitors to complete the booth assignments prior to arriving at the event.

Live floor plan selections – Exhibitors view the latest information and make selections at the a2z station without the time-consuming process of having to make multiple booth location requests that are denied.

Policing Exhibitor Selection – Show management has the flexibility to control exhibitor selections.

Multiple Staff Users – a2zShow permits New Hope staff to execute show management assignments through multiple user accounts, tracking all the changes.

Enhancing Sales Performance – a2zShow allows for better communication within the sales team, promoting more focus on getting booth space sold and revenue collected more efficiently than before.

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