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Case Study

How a2z, Inc. helped InfoComm deliver a highly successful global event

"a2z worked diligently with our team to deliver a complex solution and helped us exceed our business targets such as revenue and NSF sold. The value proposition that a2z offers to us and to our exhibitors and attendees is tremendous."

InfoComm08 (Las Vegas, June 18-20, 2008) was history’s largest annual conference and exhibition for audiovisual buyers and sellers.

The size and complexity of the show resulted in several challenges to InfoComm: how to consolidate data from several loosely connected systems? How to better integrate the conference/session database management with overall event management? How to transition from a manual booth sales to an automated process to save time and reduce eventual errors?

The InfoComm team meticulously planned the event and provided stringent but well thought through requirements to a2z. Thereafter, InfoComm and a2z teams worked closely over several months to design, host and manage a solution that not only delivered on requirements, but also provided innovative functionality such as professional networking.

  • 88% NSF Retention
  • 10% increase in revenue retention year over year
  • 12% increase in exhibitor rebooking
  • 95% reduction in time for booth sales
  • 100% system availability

The InfoComm08 networking, matchmaking, and appointment scheduling solution seamlessly integrated with intelligent marketing opportunities for exhibitors. Using the system, exhibitors were able to greatly enhance their marketing efforts since the system allowed focused delivery of messages to their targeted show attendees.

Exhibitor Testimonials

"We secured a major contract for our services due to our show attendance, (&) connected with future potential clients."

“Quality sales leads.”

“Enhanced brand recognition.”

“The response we had was amazing. Our presence has increased drastically, our credibility well established.”