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The integration between a2z and TMA Resouces' Personify AMS makes managing the information in both systems easier. The companies you are assigning booths to come right from Personify ensuring accurate information and no need to double enter information. After your assignment historical information goes back in to Personify. Now you can access what booth was purchased and for how much right in the personify system.



  • Eliminate data duplication, so you save time and have more accurate data
  • No need to choose between native app and a browser/web-based application
  • Provide historical data to your sales team without using multiple systems
  • Keep financial information from your event's exposition sales in Personify


Interoperability is of prime importance to a2z’s clients. We work closely leading AMS vendors, like TMA Resources, to provide seamless integration of your event and exhibit sales systems with your AMS system. With a quick ramp-up time, minimal customization, low maintenance cost and the modular a2z system built around the Microsoft .NET Framework, you get optimal performance and flexibility.

With this integration you will:

  • Enjoy a seamless flow of information with little or no manual effort
  • Improve data integrity by eliminating errors caused by manual or repeated data handling
  • Automate your business processes to yield better results in less time ... and at a lower cost
  • Lower your investments by re-purposing existing systems and improving ROI
  • Speed up your cash flow via automated transactions
  • Enhance your financial reporting


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