Education Resources

Education Resources

Joy Wingert is the a2z Knowledge and Education Specialist. She teaches workshops, webinars, and one-on-one client training sessions. Schedule a 60 minute training session.


Workshop Schedule
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Design and Content Management
Thursday, August 13
Washington DC

Attendees will learn how to update the look and feel of their event site using CSS, INC files, Message Management, and a few quick BOOTSTRAP tricks.
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Webinar Catalog
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Basic Floor Plan Management

Learn about the basic floor plan tools and functionalities, including merge, split, delete, revive, move and resize. You will also go over a few of the basic reports.

Advanced Floor Plan Management

Learn about advanced functionalities, including custom booth fields, move in/move out management, hall, pavilion & SubExpo management and creating poly non-exhibiting space & markings.

Automatic Financials

See an overview of the assignment process, adding orders and payments, sending statements, and a review of key financial reports.

Basic Template Management for reports

Learn how to edit your templates, upload files to file management, and send Email Reports. Specifics will include a review of confirmation letters, invoices/statements, program guide for conference sessions, and show guide for exhibitor data.

Conference Management

Review the conference managment set up process, including adding Speakers, and a look at some of the available conference reports.

Basic Content Management

See how to add, edit, and manage your content pages, and how to use file management.

The Exhibitor Experience: from eBooth Packages to Exhibitor Profiles.

Review the Online Booth (or eBooth) Configuration, and learn how to create multiple packages, and custom packages. We will also cover how to associate the package with a booth/exhibitor, and the process the Exhibitor goes through to update their information on the Public Side of the show. In addition to eBooths, MyAccount will be covered.

Speaker Self Service

Review the features of the Speaker Self Service Module, learn how to configure the Portal and see how the Speaker updates their information on the Public Site.

Custom Fields

Have additional information that you need to ask your exhibitors? Need to store more info about your sessions? Have a question you would like to ask during the proposal/abstract submission process? Learn how to use Custom fields to do all these things and more!

Call For Papers

Learn the ins and outs of setting up and configuring a CFP using the a2z proposal management module.

Online Booth Space Sales Process

Learn how you can let your potential exhibitors apply for booth space, reserve their booth, buy a booth, and/or sign their contract online. We will also show how you can collect payment, and sell add-ons all in the same quick process!

Intermediate Content Management: How to leverage URL Parameters

Want to post a link to a set of search results? Want the Event Map to load with the thumbnail image open? These things and more can be accomplished with URL parameters. In this webinar we will discuss WHAT parameters are, WHERE to find them, and HOW to utilize them. Attendees should have a basic understanding of Content Management.