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ChirpE Attendee Acquisition Widget

The new ChirpE Attendee Acquisition Widget (AAW) is a powerful, plug-and-play component that enables your exhibitors to promote their participation at your event from their own websites. The widget is deployed to match your event's branding and colors.

With 60% of registrants coming to the events to meet exhibitors and find new products, this widget helps you tap into your exhibitors' audiences to grow your event attendance. The widget also offers web visitors single click access to the exhibitors' booth profile, event website and registration page.

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Show Manager Benefits

You will quickly see a return on your investment with the ChirpE Attendee Acquisition Widget.  When you extend the widget to your exhibitors you will:

  • Boost your attendance through an untapped market
  • Drive traffic to your event site
  • Build your event brand recognition
  • Prove more value to your exhibitors
  • Reward your most engaged and successful exhibitors

Within a year of being deployed, the ChirpE Attendee Acquisition Widget was viewed more than 2.4 million times across hundreds of websites and received more than 11K clicks. 

Video for Event Organizers

Exhibitor Benefits

Exhibitors are able to engage their website visitors and build genuine pre-show leads for zero cost and little time. The Attendee Acquisition Widget enables exhibitors to highlight their event participation without requiring design or coding experience. Once embedded, the widget enables exhibitors to:

  • Promote their participation at your event
  • Enable attendees to add them to their personalized planners
  • Enable attendees to view their eBooths and map their location on the show floor
  • View a list of pre-show leads
  • Provide links to the event website and registration portal

In short, the widget enables exhibitors to engage their prospects and build a pre-show lead list! The Attendee Acquisition Widget comes bundled with a powerful dashboard that helps exhibitors monitor and evaluate their ROI from the widget.

Curious to see how the widget looks when deployed? Below are links to screen shots from some exhibitor websites:

Company Name Event Name
Fun Parts XpressIAAPA Attractions Expo 2012
FSEG Diesel Components AAPEX 2012
Kruse METALCON 2012
Avani Environmental Intl Inc FABTECH 2012
Electrical News NECA 2012 Las Vegas
SweetLeaf 2012 IFT Annual Meeting + Food Expo

Video for Exhibitors

Attendee Benefits

The ChirpE Attendee Acquisition Widget enables potential event attendees to quickly and easily access your event information from their colleagues websites. With a single click from the exhibitors' website attendees can:

  • Visit the exhibitor’s event eBooth
  • Navigate to the event website
  • View their own personalized event expo plan
  • Add the exhibitor to their event expo plan
  • Register for the event 

Never before has it been this easy for potential attendees to find and interact with your event website.

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