The partnership between a2z and Experient streamlines the exchange and functionality of your attendee and exhibitor information with your two key vendors. And access to both systems is quick and easy with a single sign-on for your exhibitors.

The information is passed from your a2z system into Experient's registration system for accurate and consistent data integration. With multiple touch points between the two systems, your contact, demographics, conference sessionsm speaker information is automatically synched and stays current in both systems.

Key Benefit

Handle your attendee and exhibitor data seamlessly with an existing, detailed integration to help make your job, and your life, easier. Less manual entry saves you time and hassel.

From a2z into Experient

  1. Exhibitor contact and demographic information such as booth size, booth number, number of badges allowed, and more
  2. Single sign-on for exhibitors from a2z into Experient system so that they do not have to log in to two separate systems. Since your exhibitors are already logging into a2z to complete their profile, make it easy for them to transfer over to Experient’s portal and log in with a single click.
  3. Conference session & speaker information (if you are using the a2z Conference module)

From Experient into a2z

  • If you use the a2z networkNow!, ChirpE Premium or the ChirpE attendee acquisition widget solutions, you can seamlessly transport attendee information, including demographics, to a2z. With our standard integration we can easily pull your attendees from Expierent’s system into the a2z system, saving you effort of manually entering or uploading the information.
  • If you use networkNow!, your attendees can download handouts ahead of time for the sessions they have registered to attend.

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