a2z’s Mobile Application, ChirpE, Gets Social on Facebook Platform

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a2z’s Mobile Application, ChirpE, Gets Social on Facebook Platform

Columbia, MD (July 20, 2009 ) – a2z, Inc., the world’s leading provider of innovative solutions to sell, manage and market trade shows, has launched its ChirpE application on Facebook® Platform—the first and only Facebook application for the exposition and conference industry.

ChirpE, a2z’s award-winning mobile technology, takes Web 2.0 to a whole new level, according to Rajiv Jain, CEO of a2z, providing portable access to event websites, and enabling event producers to leverage social communities around their events. a2z’s app using Facebook Platform will give show organizers an enhanced way to attract and engage attendees and exhibitors before, during and after a show.

With more than 250 million active users, Facebook is currently the fourth most-trafficked website in the United States. "Our new application automatically publishes event website content both to our mobile product and on Facebook,” said Jain. "This product extension will dramatically increase the visibility and reach of a show website, helping with audience acquisition and delivering greater value to exhibitors,”

Many show organizers are setting up group pages on social media platforms such as Facebook. This new ChirpE application takes this evolving trend to another level, according to Jain. In addition to a tradeshow floor plan (updated in real time) being accessible within Facebook, attendees can also view and search for exhibitors (keyword, exhibitor name and product category) and education sessions (keyword, track, day/time). For shows that offer online exhibit booths, that information is pushed to all platforms in real time, too. When Facebook users add a trade show as a favorite event, news and updates about the show can be automatically posted on their walls.

Jain explained that the event website, mobile product and Facebook app are all fully integrated—any exhibitors or sessions that attendees add to their favorites from any of these locations will get added to their profile in all locations. Facebook users can also populate personalized agendas, write comments and read those of other users, and more. ChirpE, mobile and Facebook applications, also have a built in integration with Twitter.

Stephen Nold, president of Advon Technologies, Austin, Texas, and Tradeshow Week Event Tech blogger said, "a2z’s new ChirpE app for Facebook is an impressive and innovative social media solution that should really help with audience acquisition and extending the life of a show. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits of having show information on three platforms are significant. The fact that messages can be delivered directly into an individual’s email is a powerful way to deliver event content through the power of Facebook. Another home run enhancement to the a2z tool set.”

In addition to a user-friendly design and seamless integration with Facebook, ChirpE offers additional revenue generation and sponsorship opportunities for show organizers and exhibitors, according to Jain. ChirpE allows for instantaneous information exchange and viral marketing to capture and engage new and existing attendees—and now all of their Facebook "friends”—with industry and event updates. Additionally, it helps trade shows with their increasing mandate to go green.

"Our objective as marketing consultants for expositions and conferences is to explain and promote the bottom-line value of attendee-exhibitor connections at trade shows,” said Alex George, account and social media director for Fixation Marketing, Bethesda, Md. "We're witnessing how social media tools like ChirpE are enhancing this process in the pre-, during and post-show cycles."

The basic version of the ChirpE apps—the mobile version and using Facebook Platform—will be available for free to all existing and new clients on the a2zShow platform, according to Jain.

In 2007, Facebook launched Facebook Platform to empower developers and entrepreneurs around the world to make the Web more social for users. Millions of Facebook users return to the site each day, providing unparalleled distribution potential for applications and the opportunity to build a business that is highly relevant to people’s lives.

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