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Future of Events
An Invitation
Join us on our journey to explore "Innovation and the Future of Events". Read our guest bloggers' views and share your thoughts on what lies ahead!
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Tim Heffernan
Chief Development Officer, T3 Expo
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Ken Dec
EVP, Marketing & Client Strategy, The Expo Group
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Dr. Oliver Schlake
Clinical Professor, University of Maryland
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Join the Dialogue
Share your vision of the future of events with us
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Coming Soon: A New ChirpE-Powered Experience
We are excited to share that a2z will be launching a brand new ChirpE-powered mobile experience at Expo! Expo! 2017.
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Measuring Email Marketing Effectiveness: Benchmarks & Strategies
For digital marketers, email marketing plays a big role in their content distribution strategy. But do you know how effective your email marketing campaigns are?
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Introducing Hosted Buyer Program Should be No Brainer
Whether presented in conjunction with an industry event or as a stand-alone event, there are compelling reasons why HBPs are should be incorporated into your offerings.
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Welcoming New a2z Clients!
Welcome New a2z Clients
Words of Appreciation
"Events are affected by countless measurable variables. Finally getting a firm grip on this data quickly and seeing a panoramic view of your wins and losses instils a better degree of business confidence and adaptability as you plan for the future. With StAR, we’re able to focus on shrinking the actual margin between attendee and exhibitor expectations – and growing our actual margin for profit."

 - Tim Chambers | Event Marketing Team Lead | Pennwell

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