a2z Redefines Onsite Wayfinding with ChirpE iPad® Kiosks

a2z, Inc., a leading developer of powerful online event management technology, releases the latest addition to the ChirpE product line, ChirpE iPad® kiosks.

ChirpE is a2z’s mobile solution that integrates seamlessly with a2z’s Expo and Conference Management platform to create a consistent experience for attendees and exhibitors across multiple devices. Now ChirpE is available to users on the show floor in the form of an iPad® kiosk. ChirpE iPad® kiosks, much like ChirpE, incorporate a2z’s unique, interactive floor plan so users can access the floor plan they have grown accustomed to throughout the show cycle.

ChirpE iPad® kiosks also have revolutionary printing capabilities that allow users to create, view, and print their personalized walking maps and expo plans at the show from the ChirpE mobile app or the iPad® kiosk. For easy viewing from across the show floor, these iPad® kiosks can be projected onto a larger screen.

With ChirpE iPad® kiosks, users can:

Angela Carr, Vice President of Professional Services for a2z, Inc., says, “A consistent technological experience plays a key role in the satisfaction of exhibitors and attendees at a show. By making ChirpE available on iPad® kiosks, we are allowing users to access the same tools they used earlier in the show cycle, on the show floor."

CEO Rajiv Jain adds, “ChirpE iPad® kiosk is the only kiosk solution in the industry that utilizes both iPads® and onsite wayfinding. iPads® are known to be more reliable than the conventional touch screen kiosk and our iPad® kiosks run an enhanced version of the same, reliable ChirpE solution the industry has been using since 2008. The real kicker is that users can even print from these iPad® kiosks via an air printer."