a2z Introduces Multi-lingual Website Management -- Launches Japanese/English Show

The most recent addition to a2z's comprehensive line of web-based software gives show organizers and meeting planners around the globe the capability to better communicate with multi-cultural audiences.

"Many of the events that our clients produce and manage have an international audience. Quite often, more than one primary language is prevalent among the exhibitors, attendees, sponsors, or even the in-house staff for these events. In such instances, it is wise to provide information pertaining to the event in multiple languages, in part to avoid miscommunication, and in part to provide better customer service. Our newest development allows event organizers and meeting planners to easily maintain a website about an event in multiple languages," said president of a2z, Inc., Rajiv Jain.

Visitors to a website created with a2z’s multi-lingual management tool need only click on a button to switch to their language of choice. Believe it or not, the back-end management interface makes maintaining the website just as simple. There is no need to rely on an IT department to set up, maintain, or update the site. Anyone with basic computer skills and the ability to type should be able to enter information into a2z’s system.

"Unlike some other content management systems, a2z’s software gives control over the entire contents of the website," said Jain. "Not only can the main content of a site to be multi-lingual, but also the smaller details such as buttons and system messages."

Jain emphasized that this is content management software, not translation software. "Machines can not yet compete with human beings when it comes to producing reliable and accurate translations," Jain said. "Our software makes it easy for human translators to get their information out to the public."

The first event to use a2z’s new multi-lingual capabilities is the International Auto Aftermarket Expo in Japan. You can visit the trade show’s website at http://www.a2zShow.com/jp. Click on the English/Japanese buttons to switch between languages. Note: Not all browsers come with Asian font packs installed. You may have to add them to your browser in order to properly view the Japanese text.