a2z Integrates with iMIS System

Two of the event industry's leading software providers have teamed up to integrate their products, enhancing the capabilities of each. The integration allows for the free flow of data between a2z's line of event marketing and management software and iMIS™, customer management software from Advanced Solutions International, Inc. (ASI).

Now, more than 20,000 iMIS customers can enjoy the features and benefits of a2z's third-party products without worrying about maintaining two separate databases. Any piece of information that is entered into a2z's system, such as an exhibitor's phone number, can be updated automatically in iMIS, and vice versa. a2z gives iMIS users the capability to manage floor plans, create virtual trade show booths, conduct a call for papers, set up an e-mail marketing campaign, and manage many other event-related tasks online. a2z clients who use iMIS get great customer management features such as: contact management, activity tracking, demographic management, committee management, chapter management, and mailing management.

The integration allows clients to get the best of both worlds – the customer management software they know and love, and the trade show and conference management features of a2z's products, which can reduce paperwork, time, and marketing costs for event planners by 50% – 80%.

About Advanced Solutions International, Inc. (ASI)
ASI is an international provider of end-to-end, business and e-business software solutions for not-for-profit, commercial and government organizations. iMIS, the company's flagship software, is an industry leader with more than 20,000 users worldwide. iMIS’ customer relationship management, commerce and community solutions allow organizations to seamlessly integrate back-office systems (customer data, purchasing transactions, event and meeting records) with an out-front Web presence. ASI distributes its solutions primarily through a network of Solution Providers that resell its products or services and provide local support. http://www.advsol.com