a2z & SalesLogix Create Unique, All-In-One Event Management and Sales System

a2z, Inc., creators of the a2zShow and a2zFloorPlan line of affordable, reliable, real-time event management and marketing tools have partnered with SalesLogix to bring customers the power of automated expo sales.

"SalesLogix has the best sales management products we’ve seen," says a2z President, Rajiv Jain. "This partnership allows us to offer clients a unique and comprehensive event management solution that combines marketing, sales, operations, accounting and online components in one integrated solution. Our easy-to-use tools make it a particularly powerful package – whether you choose to buy a2z software or lease it online."

a2zShow is a state-of-the-art software product that streamlines the event management process. It features real-time online floor plans and booth sales, online registration and conference planning tools, targeted marketing systems and more.

Award-wining SalesLogix is part of the Best Software family of business management products. Its tools help salespeople increase productivity and sales by automating key aspects of the selling cycle and more effectively managing and analyzing customer information. "

Our partnership with SalesLogix allows us to eliminate the need for redundant data entry and give expo salespeople one complete, effective, easy-to-use system for the entire exposition sales process," says Jain. "There is nothing else like this on the market today."

a2z, Inc. is an award-winning software company based in Columbia, MD. Its powerful event management and marketing tools are used by organizations of every size, scope and industry – including dozens of the top 200 expos in the United States. Additional information is available online at www.a2zinc.net or by calling 410-740-9200.

Best Software, makers of SalesLogix, offers a highly-acclaimed package of front-office and back-office solutions — including accounting, human resources, payroll, fixed asset management and customer relationship management (CRM) software. The company is based in Scottsdale, AZ. Additional information is available online at www.saleslogix.com or by calling 480-368-3700.