a2zShow Version 5.0 Expands Power, Versatility with NEW Microsoft.NET Platform

a2z Inc., maker of event management tools used by meeting planners nationwide, now brings the power of leading edge Microsoft.NET technology to a2zShow. With Version 5.0, the popular, online, real time tool for event managers now can be used more easily and effectively throughout an organization.

"The move to .NET technology enables a2zShow to serve more effectively as an enterprise system catering to the needs of the entire organization," says a2z president Rajiv Jain. "Everybody—operations, accounting, sales, marketing, top management—can interact with the system and pull the information needed."

Microsoft .NET technology is designed to allow people to share information using a single, simple interface. Based on universal code and structures, it enables information to flow seamlessly between different software applications, legacy systems, and the Internet. It adds stability to the operating environment by helping to eliminate errors and glitches that tend to occur when different systems talk to each other. For a2zShow, a key benefit is the ability to incorporate new features, enhancements, customization, or existing system integration faster and more easily.

".NET is cutting edge. It’s more stable, more error proof, and the processing speed is faster," says Jain. "This is where the technology is going. It’s only logical to move our application from older technology to new."

In addition to migrating a2zShow to the .NET platform, Version 5.0 includes several important enhancements designed to improve productivity and the flow of information.

  • Expanded reporting and analysis capabilities. Event managers can produce professional business reports showing historical trends and past show comparisons.
  • Enhanced security and access controls. Organizations can specify which aspects of the application specific people can access, change, etc.
  • Expanded control of non-exhibiting space. Event managers can manage non-exhibiting spaces and draw those spaces online.
  • Enhanced floor plan printing capabilities. Floor plans can be printed at different scales and at higher resolutions – making it possible to print high quality, detailed floor plans directly.

Staying ahead of the crowd with leading edge technology and continuous product advancements is central to the philosophy that has made a2z, Inc. an award-winning software company. Its powerful event management and marketing tools are used by organizations of every size, scope, and industry – including dozens of the top 200 expos in the United States. Additional information is available online at www.a2zinc.net or by calling 410-740-9200.