a2z, Inc. Introduces Networking Zone

a2z, Inc. today announced that it will be launching new software at IAEM Expo! Expo! 2005 to help organizations use matchmaking technology in building viable networking business processes. Intended to meet requirements that show organizers and corporate event planners have defined in their search for a comprehensive solution, NetZone incorporates an innovative architecture designed to connect people and information at an event.

Contact Identity Mapping (CIM)
A first-of-its-kind enabling technology that will allow end-to-end networking transactions. NetZone engages the CIM platform to enhance the construction of itineraries and appointments by linking three key event constituent structures: exhibitors, attendees and sessions. The attendee database actually encompasses many additional categories including press, speakers, potential attendees and any other classification related to the show.

Through a generic Application Programming Interface (API), a2z provides integration with vendor registration companies and in-house registration systems, allowing a seamless import of registration contact and demographic information. By attaching this information to the exhibitor and session information already collected in the a2z solution, event management will be able to carry out intelligent mapping for the data selected from each of these constituents, providing robust interconnectivity.

Accelerating the Sales Cycle
Stephen Nold, president of Advon Technologies and technology consultant, noted the increased pressures on show organizers to prove worth by demonstrating the ability to close deals. "In the past, exhibitors were all interested in hearing how many leads they could generate from attending an event. Marketing executives have accelerated the sales cycle so that the new expectation is for relationships to be created prior to the event. These communications have progressed to the point that sales representatives are expected to measure the number of deals defined and even proposals that will be presented at the show. This new format enables events to help people conduct business."

Mr. Nold further explains, "The significance of the a2z tool is in the ability to create these relationships. Their customers will see tangible return on investment through the addition of this functionality."

Since utilization of the a2z tool can be expanded from basic functionality, customers are employing powerful algorithms allowing evolutionary computing to enhance results. Extending the same flexibility of current a2z solutions, NetZone first promotes peer-to-peer networking and then constructs bridges for appropriate relationship building opportunities. All of the interactions are designed to event management criteria according to confidentiality and permission requirements.

Each contact can create a search agent algorithm and define the criteria for a match. Once a matching profile is discovered, the agent sends a confirmation match email. Results can be collected and viewed on a customizable and flexible time schedule.

Tracking Across Multiple Events with one Database
"The data tracking capabilities are the greatest asset of NetZone," said a2z, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer Rajiv Jain. "We are able to demonstrate how the single database system across multiple events creates one of the best benefits for an organization," continued Jain. "Through the efficiency of predictive modeling, a2z is able to harness the chaotic nature of behavioral mapping and offer these value-added solutions."

NetZone can be installed as an a2zShow module or as a stand alone solution.