a2z, Inc. Introduces a2zCADConnect

a2z, Inc. is pleased to introduce a2zCADConnect, a new tool to provide exhibition managers and general service contractors with automaticupdates to AutoCAD®-based exposition floor plans.

For many years, a2z, Inc. has provided reliable and affordable floor plan management solutions that integrate with AutoCAD® and allow event organizers to manage and market expositions and conferences online. Now a2zCADConnect takes this integration to an entirely new level, providing state-of-the-art integration between online exposition floor plans in the a2z system and the CAD floor plan files used by general service contractors.

Rajiv Jain, President and CEO of a2z, Inc. said, “When compared with the recent methods used, a2zCADConnect provides significant streamlining to the process of updating exposition floor plans. Paper-based updates and the exchange of zip files detailing floor plan changes have now become a thing of the past. Updates are now in real-time, all the time.”

a2zCADConnect is easy to use, just like the very popular a2zShow and a2zFloorPlan products. This tool connects a2z with AutoCAD® using .NET technology – providing automatic updates that were previously impossible. Introductory users have reported that the software has performed beyond expectations, saying that this tool “takes zero clicks” to make extensive changes to booth layout. “One exposition manager referred to a2zCADConnect as magical”, says Jain.

a2zCADConnect is available to exposition managers and general service contractors at no extra cost as part of all event management software programs produced by a2z, Inc.