a2z Enhances Exposition Financial Module

Imagine not having to manually type in the financial data from your latest event or even having to import data files into your accounting software. Imagine getting the financial data in the exact format your accounts department requires, each and every time. a2z, Inc. is pleased to announce a software upgrade that provides this level of seamless integration of its full suite of event management solutions with the leading accounting software of choice for many professional associations and exposition managers.

For years, a2z has produced reliable, affordable exposition management software programs a2zShow and a2zShowEZ that included a financial management module designed to enable tracking of sales and generation of invoices associated with exposition booth sales. Now a2z has greatly improved the process and, by offering seamless integration with all leading financial and accounting software like QuickBooks Pro, GreatPlains, and Oracle Financials, has established an entirely new level of speed and ease in translating real-time changes to exhibition financial data into data that will meet the specifications of even the most demanding accounting professionals.

Rajiv Jain, a2z’s President and CEO, said, "When compared to current methods used, our integration breakthrough provides a major streamlining to the process of converting updates to exhibition floor plans into usable data for our users. I’m very proud of this integration effort by the staff. Our software is going to really please a large number of accounting managers."

Pat Pathade, a2z’s Vice President of Professional Services, said, "As a result of our integration efforts a2z systems now push data to accounting software in exactly the format that these very popular accounting software require." Pathade explained that many accounting software packages require a dual entry system that products from a2z now readily support. The financial module from a2z remains easy to use, and accounting managers will find the integration between products equally simple. Pathade said, "Exposition Managers will continue to operate software products from a2z as they always have, and accounting professionals will be able to run the integration." Providing real-time updates to accounting software based on changes to the exposition floor plan is not only possible through a2z – it just got extraordinarily easy.