a2z, Inc. Delivers Seamless Integration with Personify

Just months after TMA Resources and a2z, Inc. announced a strategic partnership, a2z is pleased to announce the successful integration of their suite of event management software solutions with Personify, the association management software of choice for many professional organizations.

Personify offers a flexible platform and powerful development tools that make it possible to quickly and easily adapt the application to the way association managers actually work – enabling the development of a wide range of options for making each user’s job easier and more efficient. The new integration completed by a2z, allows Personify users to share exhibit booth registrations, customer information, and financial data between Personify and a2z’s products. The integration also provides organizations’ conference exhibitors with a seamless process with a user-friendly and interactive interface for selecting and purchasing booth space online. Any transactions processed through the a2z suite of products can now be sent to Personify for invoicing and financial tracking — allowing Personify users to keep track of all of their member, exhibitor, and sponsor information in a single seamless system that features higher data integrity, improved staff efficiency, improved cash flow, sophisticated financial reporting, and better results in less time and at a lower cost.

Rajiv Jain, CEO of a2z said, “The strategic alliance of a2z and TMA Resources has elevated the efficacy of our software solutions for our clients and forged a new level of customer satisfaction. Personify users can now enjoy all the features of event management solutions offered by a2z.”

Any risks associated with embracing these enhancements were eliminated because this integration was established at a global level. Clients can contact a2z, Inc. and TMA Resources for additional integration requests specific to their requirements.

Edi Dor, CEO & President of TMA Resources, said, “This integration will help TMA Resources customers streamline back office business processes and improve member and exhibitor relations via the Web. We are pleased to be partnering with a2z, Inc., a known leader in the field that consistently helps organizations increase event planning efficiencies and accelerate booth sales.”

a2z, Inc. offers several products to support organizations in event planning and marketing, including:

  • a2zShow: An enterprise-level event management software solution that contains a full suite of tools required to manage and market expositions, conferences, and seminars.
  • a2zShowEZ: Offers a2z’s most popular Web site, exposition and conference management tools, including attendee planning tools and online marketing options for exhibitors.
  • a2zFlooorPlan: Offers real-time floor plan management and booth sales automation.
  • networkNow!: A powerful online matchmaking, networking, and appointment scheduling program for conferences and expositions.