Launching a2zShow8, the latest version of industry’s leading show management solution

a2z, Inc. announces the release of the latest version of its flagship product a2zShow, the industry’s leading show management solution. The latest version offers even more benefits to show organizers. For example, the enhanced booth sales automation generates additional revenues while further reducing operational costs.

Several new revenue-generating functions are built into this version. Using this functionality, show organizers can offer customized services such as banner ads, keyword searches, and preferential listing to exhibitors. The exhibitors take advantage of these services to market their show presence much more effectively. a2z offers proven business cases on new revenue-generating features.

Show analysis and marketing functionality has been completely upgraded in the new version. Now show organizers have even better tools and reports to monitor the show’s progress. The analysis enables real time monitoring of show metrics, assisting the show organizer to continually update marketing and sales efforts. This results in better business predictability, reducing business risk.

To enable an even greater ROI on our clients’ existing AMS (Association Management Systems)/CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions, a2zShow8 offers built-in integration with even more industry leading applications such as Avectra, Aptify, TMA, and SalesForce. This allows a2z clients to leverage their existing technology investments, and at the same time benefit from higher process automation and the resulting lower costs.

Industry Innovations
a2z introduces several industry-first innovations with this version of a2zShow. Integrated show blogging and its integration with social networking sites such as, and helps create viral marketing for the show, resulting in awareness and a favorable image of the event. a2zGadgets is a user-friendly innovative technology that makes the relevant show information available to organizers, exhibitors, attendees and other industry actors from anywhere on the internet using any internet enabled device.

Rajiv Jain, CEO and President of a2z, Inc. said, “The latest version of a2zShow is a result of systematic enhancements to our flagship product. It is built around existing best practices, but also offers features that integrate well with new and emerging trends and technologies such as social networking. As a result, we are now able to offer a product that delivers superb and quantifiable value to show organizers. We are grateful to our clients and industry experts who have helped us enhance the product.” 

About a2z, Inc.: a2z, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of innovative solutions to manage shows. It offers tremendous value with a client-centric business model that helps clients promote their event, business and brand. a2z’s portfolio of products and services includes event management, professional networking, matchmaking, appointment scheduling, and personalized itineraries. Highly effective sales, marketing and revenue retention/generation tools are seamlessly built into a2z offerings. More than 150 show organizers and associations license a2z to help improve efficiencies and web presence for over 500 events annually. a2z powers more than 50 of the TSW 200 shows. For more information, visit