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a2zFloorplan boosts productivity for small SWVS staff
NSC's high ROI with ChirpE Attendee Acquisition Widget
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Dear Reader,

2013 promises to be the biggest year yet for bringing the physical and digital realms together for the exposition and meetings industry. This year, more than ever before, event participants will expect to be provided with technology that keeps them connected to each other and to your event 365/24/7, and solutions that work seamlessly across a multitude of devices.

At a2z, we have long anticipated this eventuality and created solutions that are built on top of closely integrated platforms. Be it a2zShow website, ChirpE Mobile App or ChirpE iPad Kiosk, all our products share data and sync with each other automatically. As we move forward into 2013 we will continue to work on strengthening our core products while building a new generation of “smart products” that help our clients leverage untapped revenues and growth opportunities.

The ChirpE Photo Booth is a step in this direction. Launched at Expo! Expo! 2012 and featured in Trade Show Executive's Technology Product Roundup, this app integrates with Facebook and Twitter in real-time and helps show managers extend the social reach of their event exponentially.

Stay tuned for more path forging solutions from a2z this year!

Rajiv (

Report: a2z's Exposition Industry Index

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The latest edition of a2z’s Exposition Industry Index has just been published. This report analyzes data through the last quarter of the calendar year 2012 (Q4 of CY 2012). Performance during Q4 of CY 2012 matched our prediction, based on NSF pacing, at the end of Q3 of CY 2012.
a2z's Exposition Industry Index NSF for CY 2012 was up by 1.1% compared to CY 2011. However, NSF for Q4 slipped by 2% compared to Q4 of 2011, affecting the overall growth numbers for CY 2012.

On the brighter side, NSF pacing for Q1 and Q2 of CY 2013 calendar year appears to be pacing ahead of comparable quarters in CY 2012.

Case Study: a2zFloorPlan boosts productivity and saves time for small SWVS staff

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SWVS Logo The Southwestern Veterinary Symposium (SWVS) is an annual conference and trade show that rotates between San Antonio and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Veterinary associations in five states own the for-profit event that includes 200 to 250 booths and attracts more than 2,500 veterinarians, veterinary technicians, practice managers and office staff. Four people manage the combined exhibition and conference. When one staffer was out of the office on maternity leave in 2010 and 2012, SWVS looked for a reliable, flexible technology solution to reduce her workload. That decision caused a ripple effect throughout the organization.
Check out the detailed Case Study on our website. Click here to learn more about a2zFloorPlan.

“My personal virtual assistant was a2zFloorPlan. It helped with booth sales and financial management because I was out [on maternity leave] when payments were due and I was able to manage the entire process from home.”.”

- Natasha Edwards
Exhibits Manager
Infographic: NSC achieves high ROI with ChirpE Attendee Acquisition Widget

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NSC achieves high ROI with ChirpE Attendee Acquisition Widget

Less than a year ago, a2z launched the ChirpE Attendee Acquisition Widget (AAW), an interactive widget that show managers can leverage to promote the event to their exhibitors’ web site visitors. Since the launch of AAW, a number of trade shows have utilized the solution with great success. We would like to share National Safety Council’s (NSC) successful experience with AAW through this infographic.

The 2012 National Safety Council Congress & Expo took place in Orlando, FL.  NSC equipped its exhibitors with the easy-to-use Attendee Acquisition Widget which enabled the exhibitors’ website visitors to easily access the exhibitors’ eBooths and locate their booth on the floor plan map.

NSC’s Attendee Acquisition Widget received more than 534K views and 4,118 click- throughs to the event website. In addition, there were 611 clicks to the registration site from the widget.

Overall, NSC witnessed a significantly high return on their investment with better visibility on exhibitors websites and the increased traffic to the event website.

  Articles: a2z Innovation Insider Blog and TSNN Tech corner

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