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Dear Reader,

I hope you are looking forward to attending Expo! Expo! 2012 in Orlando just as much as the a2z team members are. Visit us in booth #807 to check out our new ChirpE Kiosk solution and the latest version of the ChirpE native mobile apps. We will also be showing our innovative online booth contracting process. If you're an a2z client, you will definitely want to stop by our booth. We will be giving away 2 iPad© Minis in a special contest open to all participating a2z clients.

Speaking of clients and winning, we'd like to congratulate the Institute of Food Technologist (IFT) for being inducted into the second class of Event Technology Award Winners alongside many world renowned organizations including  Google, IBM and Microsoft. IFT was recognized in the 'Best Use of Technology to Build Event Attendance' category for their success with a2z’s ChirpE attendee acquisition widget.

We are also pleased to share success stories from four a2z clients whose annual trade shows were held recently - IBEX, PMMI, AAPEX and IAAPA. All of these events experienced significant success with integrated solutions powered by the three a2z platforms - Exposition & Conference Management, Networking & Lead Management and ChirpE Mobile & Social Media; and strengthened by strong end user and marketing support from a2z's professional services team. These stories illustrate the value event participants place on smart, interactive technology to enhance face to face meetings.

We are extremely proud of all of our clients and are honored to be a part of their success.

Rajiv (

ChirpE attendee acquisition widget

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The ChirpE attendee acquisition widget was launched in March 2012. IFT was the first a2z client to leverage the widget to promote the event directly to their exhibitors' audiences. Subsequently, a number of other events also implemented the widget with similar results.
Infographic - ChirpE attendee acquisition widget The high utilization and wide reach of the widget within the first few months of its launch exceeded even a2z's expectations!

From March 15, 2012 to November 15, 2012:

  • Total Events: 9
  • Total Views: 2.4 Million
  • Number of exhibitors with substantial views: 476
  • Total clicks: 11,482
  • Number of times exhibitors were added to plans: 2,181
  • Average click through rate: 0.61%
Client Success

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IBEX 2012IBEX logo

IBEX launched the myIBEX service and ChirpE mobile apps for the first time in 2012. Thoughtful promotions from a2z and event management ensured that 99% of the exhibitors logged in to update their profiles. This meant that all exhibitors at the show appeared in attendees' personalized plans.  The marketing emails provided by a2z generated an average open rate of 31.7%.

The email feature in myIBEX was a hit, with 1,039 email communications being exchanged between attendees and exhibitors via the networking service. The ChirpE mobile apps were also very popular with participants, with more than 1K app downloads on mobile devices before the event.

PACK EXPO International 2012

In 2011, PMMI noticed that attendees were highly appreciative of the ChirpE native mobile apps. For 2012, PMMI decided to give the attendees even more by adding ChirpE Kiosk to the array of tools available to them.

High attendee engagement with the on-site kiosks justified PMMI's decision to be the torch bearer for the ChirpE iPad© Kiosk solution. Over a period of four days at the show this year, 950 kiosk sessions resulted in 2.3K visits to exhibitors' eBooths and 1.6K additions to attendees' personalized expo plans. Attendees who updated their personalized information on the kiosks were wowed by the fact that the event apps on their devices synced automatically and in real-time.

The ChirpE native mobile apps also had impressive results :

  • 422K visits to exhibitors’ eBooths
  • 52K clicks to the floor plan
  • 178K additions to expo plans
  • 62K additions to conference session itineraries

Throughout the show, with 5.5K users accessing the event updates via the native mobile apps, PMMI put the ChirpE Buzz feature to good use by alerting attendees about upcoming events and promoting the app sponsor. iOS app users got a notification message for each buzz. The value of these real-time updates was apparent in the 4K page views for the buzz screen on the apps.

“We liked the fact that a2z already had all of the exhibitor data. When exhibitors or attendees make changes, the app automatically updates. Not having to update the data in more than one place makes error rates extremely low.”

- Katie Bergmann
Vice President of Administration


IAAPA logoIAAPA Attractions Expo 2012

a2z provided comprehensive marketing support to promote the ChirpE Mobile App, ChirpE Kiosk and ChirpE attendee acquisition widget solutions to IAAPA 2102 participants. With an average open rate of 30.5%, the email campaign was a success. The mobile apps were downloaded on 3.8K devices, with 98K visits to eBooths and 49.6K new entries in attendees' personalized planners.

1K user sessions at the ChirpE iPad kiosks resulted in 1.4K visits to exhibitors' eBooths and 541 additions to attendees' planners.

AAPEX logoAAPEX 2012

myAAPEX, the a2z-powered networkNow solution, was first launched in 2011 to help AAPEX attendees and exhibitors find and connect with each other. For AAPEX 2012, the solution deployed included ChirpE mobile apps as well as the Mobile Compass kiosk.

Between September 1 and November 1, 2012, more than 50K user sessions were recorded for the myAAPEX website including 2K sessions generated from the kiosks set up onsite. In addition, the native mobile apps were downloaded/updated on 9K devices.

  Upcoming Events

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Expo! Expo! Booth #807
December 5
Orlando, FL

At IAEE's Expo! Expo! 2012, a2z will be giving away 10 Microsoft Surface Tablets. We are also organizing a client-exclusive contest and giving away 2 iPad© Minis. Visit us in Booth #807 for a chance to win!

  Blog Articles

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