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IAEE has utilized a2z’s Connect platform over the last few years, resulting in thousands of new connections between the buyers and sellers at Expo! Expo!. We are excited to enhance attendee engagement and service with the addition of VIBE. IAEE will be utilizing VIBE to offer hands on concierge service for hosted buyers and to create new interactive peer to peer networking experiences on the Expo! Expo! show floor. Connect, with VIBE, gives Expo! Expo! attendees and exhibitors the tools they need to maximize their return on investment.


The StAR report a2z created for us was extremely relevant and insightful for our cross-functional team at NECA. The multi-year, multi-event analyses helped us gain a deeper understanding of the impact of attendees' and exhibitors' geographical location on the gap in demand and supply at our events. The leads heat map included in the report highlighted strategies that our most popular exhibiting companies deployed to boost traffic to their onsite and online booths. Our learnings from StAR will definitely help us better personalize messaging for our audiences, align marketing efforts to product categories, and significantly improve the interaction between our buyers and supplier.


We are excited to preview a2z's new BI & Reporting Engine. It's a powerful solution for data mining and visualization, and will prove very useful for our entire suite of events. I'm glad that a2z is bringing such cutting-edge reporting capabilities into its solutions to make self-service analyses easier. We're looking forward to creating multi-faceted reports for our brands so that, moving forward, our show management teams can make even more insightful projections and decisions.

a2z is the exposition solution out there for show organizers, hands down. Specifically, for us at LeftField Media, their financial management features helped streamline our invoicing and expedite our cash flow significantly. The time saved as well as the influx of cash early in the show cycle, in turn, allowed us to make timely investments in creating meaningful experiences for our event attendees, resulting in higher retention and satisfaction rates.

I was new to the expo arena and was overwhelmed when I took my new position as Director of Corporate Partnerships at Parker University. a2z was a life saver to my organization of the expo hall, increasing collections to a 100% and my sanity. I attended the user conference in Chicago, and I can take my expertise serving my exhibitors to the next level as the User conference gave me confidence and great ideas to immediately implement for my next show. The staff at a2z is patient and very passionate when it comes to helping your company grow your expo business.

Attending the Financial Forensics training in DC last month was invaluable to me in so many ways. I thought I was pretty comfortable with the financial functionality in a2z. I was wrong. You don’t know what you don’t know until you sit in a room with people who know much more than you do. The conversations and interactions with the a2z staff and other attendees, most managing exhibit space for other associations here in the United States, delivered so much value. Some of the ideas involve the Priority Points program, sponsorship ideas, exhibitor packages and more. In my opinion, the relationships I built with the attendees will serve me and the AARC for months and years ahead as we collaborate and encourage each other in our exhibiting efforts.

VIBE has been a great partnership for USITT and a2z. We are always trying to find ways to grow our show and benefit our exhibitors. The greatest joy of working with the VIBE team was that we could add a complete program to our event with little additional staff work load. Their team really took on the planning and execution which was one of the things that made it attractive to try.

Our goal is to provide exhibitors with the best available tools to ensure their engagement with IBIE is simple and seamless. Partnering with a2z has allowed us to transition from a multistep process to a more efficient interaction. Exhibitors will now be able to easily book their booth, secure their sponsorship, and promote their participation in one place, resulting in positive ROI and overall show experience.

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We have been working with a2z for 3 years, and we have seen strong returns on our investments. The a2z team is a delight to work with – always offering up great advice and time-saving operational tips, as well as finding ways to help increase attendee and exhibitor engagement through the digital floor plan. We use their solutions for our small and large shows, and cannot imagine doing business any other way!

We’ve been a2z customers for more than 10 years. Not only do they update their products with cutting edge technology and features, but their support team is fast, friendly and responsive. We’re loyal a2z customers because they deliver exactly what we need to give our exhibitors and prospects a logical, intuitive and customer-friendly experience when selecting and reserving exhibit space for AACN’s annual Critical Care Exposition.

I love the flexibility of the a2z floorplan! I use the Map It Booth functionality every day to recommend and show booths to my exhibitors, and it makes it so easy for them to see exactly what spots are best for them. a2z makes managing my exhibitors so much easier!

Just wanted to thank you for the great training workshop yesterday and for all of the hospitality as well! I picked up a couple of tips that I can immediately use in the work I have to do today, in fact! You really know how to take care of your customers – it is much appreciated!

I could not be more impressed by the a2z product or the support team behind it. My account manager has been very helpful in terms of providing information about the various product options and explaining how these can be tailored to suit our needs. The training sessions are unparalleled in their value and the project managers have helped me to learn about and understand the various system components. I am spoiled by (and most appreciative of) the almost immediate response to every one of my emails.

Using a2z’s hosted buyer solution was life changing. For a team of me, myself and I, it took so much weight off my shoulders. From the time that I picked up the phone to the time we finished, it was a stellar experience.

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Making the switch to the online application has reduced staff hours tremendously, allowing our team to focus more on new projects. We’re so glad we made the transition and I’m excited to take advantage of more a2z features in the future!

Events are affected by countless measurable variables. Finally getting a firm grip on this data quickly and seeing a panoramic view of your wins and losses instils a better degree of business confidence and adaptability as you plan for the future. With StAR, we’re able to focus on shrinking the actual margin between attendee and exhibitor expectations – and growing our actual margin for profit.

a2z really transformed an antiquated system, which pushed paper back and forth between sponsors and our team, into an event within an event that delivered sales of $2.8 million in sponsorships within the first hour and a half.

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My organization had been using the same system for over 20 years and I feel that the program itself, hasn’t changed that much since the beginning. I would have constant frustrations of its non-user friendly capabilities and that it was server based. I felt that I constantly needed technical support. a2z has completely changed my work day. I can update the floor plan from the office and from home. It’s extremely user-friendly and intuitive and even if it wasn’t their staff is very supportive and happy to help. I can already see the hours, if not days it is going to save me and my department.

I have always received great service from a2z. At times I have needed a lot of assistance and had no hesitation contacting our project manager, she has always been patient and provided Excellent service.

That was a fantastic two days, at the user group meeting and workshop in Chicago. I learned so much. Many thanks to you and your team.

Thank you so much for being so wonderful to work with! I am so happy with a2z as a whole. Thank you again!

We are using the data presented in our StAR report to make decisions for the future of our show.

I have been absolutely thrilled with the customer service that a2z provides. You guys make my job so much easier!

I have been very happy with the a2z floor plan technology. It has made my job much easier and saves significant staff time. Plus the eBooth profile is a big selling point for our exhibitors. I honestly do not know how we got along without it for previous shows.

The a2z Mobile app has been a great addition to our show. It accomplishes everything we had hoped it would and has been well received by both our buyers and exhibitors. The transition from our previous app to a2z was smooth and having our app fully integrated with exhibitor data through a2z’s exposition management system enabled us to effortlessly deliver up-to-date information to our attendees.

I loved, loved the user group. I was so happy that I attended. I was very impressed with your team and definitely learned some new tips and tricks.

I have just been processing applications, assigning space, entering orders, sending confirmation letters, and generating invoices – all with such ease! The process is incredibly streamlined and efficient, and I love how easy it makes my job!

Changing online exhibit software in the middle of the show season can be like jumping from one moving vehicle to another, but working with the team at a2z made the transition as smooth and safe as riding a zip line at a park. The response time from everyone on their team was super fast and right on point. Couldn’t have gone more smoothly and we couldn’t be happier.

I have been an a2z user since 2010 and am one of the biggest cheerleaders for a2z’s solutions! I started in the tradeshow industry over 20 years ago and have vivid memories of designing floor plans on paper, and running client databases and financials on separate programs. To be able to streamline everything on one platform allows me to be much more efficient, flexible, and error free. My a2z account manager is always on hand to educate me and answer my questions! I always look forward to the next a2z user group meeting to hear the latest updates and to exchange ideas and experiences with other users. Thank you again for creating such an amazing product and providing the best customer service in our industry!

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Working with such a robust system such as a2z can be intimidating out of the gate; however the user group and workshop I attended in Atlanta was exactly what I needed to get me started in the right direction. The workshop provided a welcoming environment which allowed me to connect with both a2z experts and fellow peers providing me with effective takeaways which I could implement and put into action immediately. I appreciated the a2z team’s enthusiasm and real approach and have much more confidence in working with the system now. I would highly recommend attending a workshop with a2z…it is worth the day away from the office!

a2z user group [in Dallas, TX] was great! Everyone was extremely informative, very friendly and interactive.

Participating in the a2z user group is all about maximizing your use of the software you already have at your fingertips in ways you didn’t even know you were being inefficient. You are able to bounce ideas off fellow colleagues in the meetings industry and a2z staff, getting invaluable feedback that will save you time and resources in the office.

a2z helps streamline the booth assignment process as well as the financial and invoicing for the show. I like how convenient it is to run reports for both internal use and interoffice needs, as well as having all previous show information saved in one location is helpful when comparing the current show to past shows. Each year I use the program I discover a helpful option to improve my work efficiency and how to better utilize the system to best fit my needs.

The workshop was GREAT! It was really a great workshop for me as a newer user of a2z products (only our second year) to learn more about how the functions can benefit exhibitors and attendees, and it’s also always great to bounce ideas off each other in a comfortable setting. There was a lot of discussion among us in attendance. Definitely well worth the trip down!

The AFCEA 365 app offers a unified gateway to our attendees for all AFCEA International conferences, symposia and exhibitions. This simplifies not just dissemination of information to our audience, but also their access to all search and planning features so that they can maximize their ROI at AFCEA’s live events. The comprehensive promotional and educational support provided by a2z’s team keeps our attendees updated on new features and updates. In addition, live engagement tools such as buzz notifications help us make their onsite experience much easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

We’ve been utilizing a2z’s interactive floor plan technology for several years now and it has helped us elevate and promote our exhibit hall to attendees. We’ve found that if our physicians can plan their trip to the exhibit hall before the conference begins and determine which companies they’d like to visit, they’re much more likely to spend more quality time in the exhibit hall.

NAILBA uses a2z’s floor plan management system to sell and allocate exhibit space. The system also allows our exhibitors to showcase their product or services before, during and after the Annual Meeting. We also use the company descriptions and contact information that our exhibitors provide us in this system for our exhibitor/sponsor directory in the Annual Meeting Program Guide and mobile app.

The training session and user group were two days of time well spent. The Wednesday session was a fantastic opportunity to get some extended educational time with the a2z staff. Thursday’s User Group and its roundtable discussions helped to provide insight into how others address common issues across the profession and how it aligns with their use of the a2z platform.

We’re launching a new “Digital Strategy” in spring 2016, which includes upgrades to our Web site and customer database system. Of course, we also use a2z’s digital floor plans, which exhibitors and attendees find intuitive and user-friendly. We’ve been a2z customers since 2007 – so we’re completing our 10th year using the a2z system. We’re satisfied customers!

We use a number of different “systems” to help us stay on track… a2z for our floor plan management and mobile app. We recently changed our onsite booth assignment system to virtual booth assignments done after our event. This change has resulted in time and money savings for our exhibitors, who no longer have to select space during show set-up and can now experience the show before selecting space for the following year, as well as time savings and increased revenue/square footage sold for the association.

We offer a multitude of ways to connect buyers and sellers from the beginning of the registration process. First we offer Connect, powered by a2z. Second we offer exhibitor marketing kits that give helpful suggestions and tips for reaching their intended audience. Third, we provide ample time on the show floor, along with several networking opportunities to create a networking atmosphere.

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a2z is great to work with. They have a professional, dedicated staff, many of whom have been show organizers, so they understand our perspective and challenges. People are as important as the technology solutions. Without the a2z team, we wouldn’t have had the success we enjoyed.

I can’t say enough about the excellent work that a2z has done for myself and the two associations I have work for using their superb products and services. Their customer service is great! The guys there respond very quickly and go above and beyond to help. It has been an absolute please to work with them.

I was excited to attend the Financial Workshop offered by a2z. It was a nice opportunity for planners and accounts recievable personnel on our team to learn side by side. They could see a bit of how we work in a2z, and we could all learn from each other.

I was very grateful for the Chicago training that a2z recently hosted. As a new client of a2z I learned so much from the training that they offered and the time was well spent. Offering free training sessions really proves a2z wants to set their customers up for success. I was able to bring back to the office worksheets and practice tools for our team and this has allowed our training to extend past the two days. The level of customer care and support that our team has received, as a new client of a2z, really sets the bar high. Thank you for hosting and feeding us so well!

a2z is great to work with. They have a professional, dedicated staff, many of whom have been show organizers, so they understand our perspective and challenges. People are as important as the technology solutions. Without the a2z team, we wouldn’t have had the success we enjoyed.

a2zShow has made the sponsorship sales process so much easier for the staff, sponsors and exhibitors. The huge time savings is hard to put a dollar figure on.

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Because our team is able to show booth space that is available in real time at the time they are ready to assign that exhibitor and a choice can be made quickly, it allows them added time to talk with them about our other shows or explore options for them to purchase one of our many sponsorship/marketing opportunities.

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The a2z platform is well thought out. Accurate reporting is critical and I trust the data from the a2z platform. It makes generating monthly reports and balancing the accounting much easier.

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a2zShow has made the sponsorship sales process so much easier for the staff, sponsors and exhibitors. The huge time savings is hard to put a dollar figure on.

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I really liked the exhibitor capabilities of the Connect platform. They have an online booth where they can add their company description, website, and logo. It helps our contractors do their research. The favoriting feature was big for our company to be able to put that kind of control in the hands of the buyers.

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The a2z Call for Proposals solution makes it easier to collect and review proposals. It allows you to read and grade proposals more carefully. Because you can access additional information about the speakers and their experience, you can review them at a higher level.

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We have found a2z with its global administration system to be the best partner for us to work with. Our association has a lot of needs and a2z has been able to respond to whatever we needed. As we have grown our shows, they have become a vital component of our success.

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Just having something like ChirpE that attendees could use to view the program and agenda, rate the sessions on site, and perform Q&A helped us to deliver our programming much more efficiently.

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a2z is really riding the winds of change. They keep improving their app and testing new products and offerings. I like new technology and I’m always on board with anything that gives attendees a new experience every year.

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This year, we didn’t have to sort through any information or file paperwork. [Time savings of an estimated 50 to 60 man hours] freed up more time for other projects and working with customers.

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a2z cut the booth allocation process down to 1/8 the time we previously spent on it. We didn't have to chase exhibitors down. We didn't have to scrub the database and we didn't have to answer many questions.

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With a2zFloorPlan, exhibitors can look at all the options, see every size booth available and the location of those booths. Therefore, they can say, "We were planning to take a 10-by-10 booth, but there is a better 10-by-20 booth available up front." That’s a sales plus for me.

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We're excited about V14 with its more powerful back-end features and responsive design. Our attendees and exhibitors will have the best possible experience on our show website, no matter the device they use.

Our members are making more meaningful connections with our buying community than ever before and the introduction of our new mobile app has improved our buyers’ productivity before, during and beyond the show days.

I just wanted you to know what a great system you have. I kept viewing the floorplan as it was updating to prepare my options, I was able to log in the exact time of my appointment and was ready, and I was checked out in a minute or less. Kudos to you! Thanks for making it easy for your customers. :)

I LOVE it and it is so very much more user friendly…Wow!!

The a2z Call for Proposal Module helped us streamline our call for speakers and presentations process for the show. Having all of the information in one place made session selection easy for our subject matter experts. By allowing the speaker(s) to upload their own biography, session descriptions, methodology and more, the administrative time needed to publish sessions online was reduced significantly. Sessions can be easily managed by the presenters; they can inform us of their A/V needs, link their handouts and more – all through a simple log in.

Having the financial management option in a2z has made it so easy for our exhibitors to log in at any time day or night to make a payment. It has really helped us to streamline our operations.

Google play ChirpE Mobile App Reviews for 2014 ACVIM Forum

"Downloaded in airport! I was able to download the app while waiting on my layover. I like being able to plan my time and looking at the exhibit hall." -- Yvonne Brandenburg

"Enjoyed the app a lot. It was very helpful with all the changes that were made to the schedule." -- Maureen Sroufe

It helps by keeping our workload down. Our exhibitors can go online, see who’s in the booths, make a selection, and print their own invoice without ever having to call us. That saves us a lot of time on the phone. Our exhibitors like the fact that they can see everything in real time and not have to call us to get the information they need.

a2z is used for our exhibit platform. We use the software to streamline booth sales processes, manage financials, and enhance virtual presence for our customers. Mass data is easily tracked and reported – which helps with benchmarking and identifying needs and/ or trends. The ease of the software allows for us to have a more robust customer relations plan- than tactical and administrative.