An integrated and seamless solution that connects buyers, suppliers, and peers effectively before, during and beyond the event.

Key Benefits

New & Strengthened Connections

Powerful search along with intelligent matchmaking and appointment scheduling features enable attendees to meet their business objectives with efficiency.

Personalized Features

Seamless planning, communication and networking tools empower attendees to personalize their event experience based on their own requirements.

Usability & User Experience

Integrated solution that is easy to use and works across all devices, including web and mobile.

Support from a2z

On behalf of the show management, comprehensive promotional and technical support is offered to registered attendees.

New & Strengthened Connections

Powerful search along with intelligent matchmaking and appointment scheduling features make it easy for exhibitors to put their marketing and sales efforts on the fast track.

Leads & Analytics

Exhibitors get access to genuine pre-show leads and up-to-date analytics for their engaged audience.

Technical support from a2z

a2z provides efficient end user support to exhibitors for any technical questions or issues they may be experiencing.

Improved Event Experience

Powerful search, matchmaking and networking features considerably increase the ROI and value delivered to event participants.

Intelligent Matchmaking

Generates recommended matches for event participants based on precise matching criteria, facilitating timely and meaningful networking.

Integrated & Seamless

Integrated solution that works across all web and mobile devices, ensuring ease of use and seamless experience for all event participants.

Powerful Analytics & Reporting

Built-in analytics and on-demand reporting enable your team to conduct successful behavior analysis.

Additional Revenue

Provides additional revenue generation opportunities to event organizers.

Flexible & Scalable

Appropriate for events at any tier level, from 100 to I00K attendees. Works in tandem with any expo management and conference management solution.

High Adoption

Branded audience engagement marketing and comprehensive end-user support deliver high adoption and utilization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Connect™ is the only proven solution in the trade show industry that has the ability to generate recommended matches for event participants based on precise matching criteria. Attendees can access lists of matched attendees, sessions and exhibitors. Similarly, exhibitors can generate a list of attendees who are their recommended best matches and are looking for products and services in their chosen categories. Accurate matchmaking means users can get started with networking immediately instead of spending time on searching for matches.
Yes, Connect™ works in tandem with any expo and conference management solution. It is also fully integrated with the a2zShow event website and ChirpE mobile app.
a2z's extensive technical and professional support is highly acclaimed in the trade show industry. With dedicated a2z project managers available to support your team through the complete event cycle, we ensure that questions are answered promptly.
a2z serves a well planned, targeted marketing campaign to end users of Connect™. The web and email communications rolled out under the campaign provide comprehensive instructions to attendees and exhibitors along with their log in information and quick links. Each communication includes the title sponsor's logo and web link, thus ensuring enhanced visibility for them and additional revenue for your event. In addition, a2z provides email-based support to educate and support buyers as well as exhibitors.

Manual import is not required. a2z can connect securely with leading registration systems to automatically import relevant data for registered participants, at no extra cost to event organizers.