ChirpE Mobile and Social Media Platform for Trade Shows Released by a2z

A new social media platform for trade show and conference organizers is now available, after a soft launch in late April. a2z, Inc., a Columbia, MD-based event marketing and management application developer, has released its ChirpE Mobile and Social Media Platform that enables centralized data access across multiple devices and third-party applications for exhibitions and conferences.

The ChirpE Platform was behind earlier rollouts of a2z’s ChirpE Mobile application that enabled users to access Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and RSS feeds. The latest iteration makes it possible for exhibition and conference organizers to take advantage of the proliferation of third-party applications on the Web, mobile devices, and stationary information systems.

Users can use the ChirpE Application Programming Interface (API) to pull information from third-party apps such as Facebook, Twitter, event-specific software and devices and to push updates and content from the ChirpE dashboard to external devices and apps. Data that is sent or received on one device is automatically accessible on any other device using the ChirpE portal. The single point of access allows users to consolidate applications and content in one central location, before, during, and after the event.

The ChirpE Mobile and Social Media platform allows interoperability between Smart phones like iPhone® and Blackberry®, iPad®, kiosks and other devices as well as public and private networking communities and event-centric applications. “For example, you can add an exhibitor to your agenda using ChirpE from your iPhone®, stop at a kiosk on the show floor or glance down at your iPad® and the update will appear simultaneously on all three devices,” says Rajiv Jain, CEO of a2z, Inc.

a2z has already partnered with several third-party application developers in the exhibition and conference industry. The company offers documentation, a data-rich testing environment and technical support to companies interested in developing on the ChirpE platform. a2z currently hosts more than 500 exhibitions annually with over 120 deployed on the ChirpE Platform.