New Version Ten (vX) of a2z, Inc. Solution Debuts

a2z, Inc., a developer of online, event management and marketing software announces the debut of the newest platform: vX (pronounced vee-EX).

The biggest enhancement in vX is the rich and interactive user interface of the floor plan, with major improvements to the ‘coolness’ and usability. It also provides enhanced capabilities to print exhibitor lists, floor plans, and customized planners. Plus, vX makes it possible for event organizers to manage their event from any PC, Mac, iPad® or other internet-enabled device.

vX also includes a new feature to collect and display social media listing information and links to exhibitors’ LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook®, YouTube, Flickr, and other social media accounts.

The new version offers the ability to specify a reason when moving, vacating, or cancelling exhibitor space accompanied by a new report that shows all Upgrades, Downgrades and Cancellations (UDC) along with the comments and other details.

Also included in the package is a new Weekly Sales and Pacing Report that compares year over year performance on a week by week basis, including inventory, revenue, number of exhibitors and more. An excellent executive-level tool, this powerful report enables senior management to easily monitor and manage event performance.

Wayne Crawford, Vice President, Sales for a2z, Inc., said, “This new platform is really focused on offering a better online experience for the entire event community: website visitors, exhibitors and show management all get improvements. The slick, modern graphics really improve the look and feel, and our reporting capabilities are now beyond anything I have seen out there!”

CEO Rajiv Jain added, “We continue to add more value for show organizers, exhibitors, and attendees and make our clients' face-to-face events more effective.”