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The 'Cost to Attract Attendees' report, published by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), highlights the broad range of promotional techniques adopted by event organizers to drive attendance. The report's main finding that email reigns supreme is in agreement with our own recent analysis of the marketing campaigns powered by a2z on behalf of clients.

It is also interesting to note that, according to the CEIR report, events with 4,500+ attendees allocate more of the budget to social media. As highlighted in the client success stories in this newsletter, by providing cutting-edge social promotional tools and complimentary marketing services, a2z is contributing significantly towards lowering the investment required for reaching out to an ever growing base of potential attendees.

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ChirpE is blowing into the windy city for TSE's Fastest 50

Client Success

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HEALTHCON ChirpE App engages 77% attendees

AAPC HEALTHCON Mobile App Receives Robust Reception from Attendees
Leading executives, consultants and physicians from the fast growing healthcare industry congregating at AAPC’s Health Conference were looking for a reliable mobile event app.

With a five star rating on both iTunes and Google Play, the ChirpE app lived up to the demanding expectations of the busy professionals from the healthcare industry.

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HIMSS AAW reached 814,630 people online

HIMSS Exhibitors, Attendees, and Event Management Experience Success with ChirpE Attendee Acquisition Widget
For HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition 2014, the show organizers offered the ChirpE Attendee Acquisition Widget to the exhibitors.

205 exhibitors displayed the widget on their websites, resulting in an outstanding 814,630 views of the widget in the months preceding the event. The widget generated nearly 3,000 clicks to the event and registration websites.

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FDIC Photo Booth engages 55,168 fans on Facebook

384 Photos Reveal the Soft Side of Otherwise Tough Firefighters
At FDIC 2014, hundreds of attendees visited the ChirpE-powered official photo booth to post photos that revealed the fun-loving aspect of their personalities.

The 384 photos shared at FDIC 2014 engaged 55,168 fans on Facebook, and included testimonials that highlighted their ready sense of humor:

  • “I attended #FDIC2014 because better than @ the station.”

  • “I attended #FDIC2014 because my kids want to be firefighters!”

  • “I attended #FDIC2014 because I love my job.”

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Updates, News & Articles

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Contests on Instagram

Using Contests to Engage Your Attendees on Instagram
This is the third piece in our “Using Contests to Engage your Attendees on Social Media” series.

The simplest form of a contest on Instagram is to ask people to like a particular photo that you post. To gather more information from your entrants, you will need to run a contest that requires readers to submit photos to be entered. Read this article for details.  

Engaging attendees

5 Ways to Build Lasting Connections with Your Attendees
Here are some quick tips to ensure that your attendees get the best service possible and stay invested in your brand.

From reaching out proactively to giving them an opportunity to give a shout out to your event, these ideas are easy to implement and sure to wow your attendees.

Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks: Texturing for Highlighting Booths Quickly
Using the Texturing tool in a2zShow, you can filter by criteria on the show floor, highlight the matching booths in a color and save the highlighted version to a PDF. You can add layers of filtering in different colors as well.

This article is part of a collection called Tips and Tricks – little bits of information for new (or seasoned) users to maximize the a2z experience.

Top ten

10 Ways Exhibitors can Promote Their Company’s Booth Before an Event
Our top tip: Find out if show management will let you build a rich online profile directly on their event website. If they allow you to post your products, show specials or videos... do it!

View and share this article with your exhibitors for them to adopt these best practices and maximize their ROI from your event.

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