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February 2013

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Words of appreciation from NSC Congress & Expo
NADA achieves high utilization with the ChirpE mobile app
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International Pizza Expo
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Dear Reader,

We are pleased to share that the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) experienced significant social media growth using the ChirpE Photo Booth solution at the recently concluded NADA Convention &  Expo 2013.

Attendees and exhibitors loved striking a pose and coming up with witty testimonials to show their love and appreciation for the event. As reported by Rachel Wimberly in an article on the TSNN Tech Corner, there was a huge spike in 'likes' and awareness on NADA's Facebook page in the days leading up to the show and especially when it kicked off, soaring from 438 'likes' on the opening day of the show to a high of 1,138 'likes' the final day of the show. The viral nature of social media ensures that the photos uploaded to NADA's Facebook Page album continue to generate a buzz online even as the NADA team takes a well deserved break after a successful event.

The high utilization numbers for NADA's ChirpE powered mobile app as well as the networkNow! solution by participants were other high points for the event.

We are looking forward to updating you soon on some new and exciting features we are adding to our ChirpE  Android app.

And as always, I invite you to share your ideas and feedback with me.

Rajiv (
Testimonial: Words of appreciation from NSC Congress & Expo

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"The new Attendee Acquisition Widget is an amazing addition to the robust line of technology a2z already offers. Not only does it help increase an exhibitor's ROI by allowing them to capture quality leads before the show but also increases the exposure of the event to the exhibitor's audience.

The marketing materials, customer service and ease of installation definitely outweigh the minimal investment. We can attest to that... we saw outstanding results the first year.

I absolutely love working with a2z because their team thinks outside the box to offer the latest technology to enhance the overall tradeshow experience."

- Heidi Mitchell, Marketing Manager, NSC Congress & Expo

Infographic: NADA achieves high utilization with the ChirpE mobile app

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NSC achieves high ROI with ChirpE Attendee Acquisition Widget

Powered by a2z's ChirpE Mobile & Social Media platform, the official mobile app for NADA Convention & Expo 2013 saw high adoption and utilization rates from event participants.

A total of 9,855 users accessed the solution before and during the event. 5,501 users downloaded the native iOS app on their Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iTouch) and 2,031 users access the native app for Android devices. An additional 2,323 users utilized the web version of the mobile app on their internet enabled smartphones.

The mobile app synced seamlessly in real time with NADA's database and networkNow! solution in a2z as well as NADA's attendee registration system, enabling users to access their updated personalized expo plans and conference schedules along with educational handouts across multiple devices.

Click here to view a PDF version of the infographic.

  Articles: a2z Innovation Insider Blog

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Great Ways to Pass
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The four cornerstones of
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5 reasons why it is important for
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Five features of the a2z system
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Some tips to help increase your productivity from a2z.

  Articles: TSNN Tech Corner

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a2z’s ChirpE Photo Booth creates buzz on and off the showfloor


At the NADA Convention & Expo, attendees had the opportunity to try out something new - a2z, Inc.'s ChirpE Photo Booth.

Top 4 reasons why your website
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The right way to use social media
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Using Google Analytics Data to Build Keyword Tag Clouds for A Web Site


Tag clouds representing the most popular content help your website visitors quickly find information without searching.

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February Workshop
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 a2z clients are welcome to join us for a hands-on workshop on February 28 at the ACC office in Washington, DC.

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March Workshop
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Planned for March 28, this workshop is being designed for a2z clients responsible for creating web and marketing collateral.

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