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Dear Reader:

a2z is hosting a happy hour at 5 PM at the Hilton Americas Houston, TX on Monday, 9 December. If you are attending Expo! Expo! 2013, or are in the area that day, please stop by to enjoy some informal networking with your friends and peers from the industry.

In other exciting news, the a2z team is prepping to showcase a number of revolutionary products, including ChirpE 365, at Expo! Expo! that will open up completely new avenues for our clients to boost revenues by providing added value to their community. We are also pleased to be hosting the ChirpE Photo Booth Scavenger Hunt at this premier event along with many of our industry partners.

Last but not the least, I would like to congratulate the show organizers whose events have been recognized by TSNN as the Top 25 Net Square Footage Fastest-growing Shows and Top 25 Attendance Fastest-growing Shows. We are gratified to see so many a2z clients on these two lists, and it is motivating to note that we were able to contribute to your tremendous success!

Thanks & Regards,
Rajiv (

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Client Success

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 Heidi Mitchell
Senior Tradeshow Marketing Manager, NSC

"Iím very happy with the robustness of it [NSC's ChirpE Mobile App]. Attendees can review technical sessions, view an expo floor walking map and see real-time social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. And, we could buzz feature tweets and key events. I reviewed other apps, but this app worked best with our system and tied in nicely with our website in real time, which sealed my decision.

I like to offer as much as possible to our attendees, and then gauge overtime what receives more usage than less usage and expand upon that."

The SMOTY Award Winners!
Christy Jacobs, Vice President of Sales, International Association of Venue Managers and Patricia Whitaker, Exhibits Manager, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons were recognized with the Show Manager of the Year Award in Tier III and V respectively.

This awards program recognizes show organizers who are creating amazing experiences with their exhibition and in their marketplace community.

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Women Engineers Share Their Love For SWE At The WE13 ChirpE Photo Booth
Hundreds of women engineers visited the WE13 ChirpE Photo Booth to take and share their photos on Society of Women Engineers' Facebook Page. The 252 photos taken at the photo booth reached 115,325 people who viewed the photos 545,243 times!

SWE gave a complimentary $50 Amazon Gift Card for the photo with the most likes. Click here to check out the WE13 ChirpE Photo booth album.

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ChirpE Mobile Apps Offer Added Value To MGMA 2013 Annual Conference Attendees
The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) recently offered the ChirpE mobile apps free to their Annual Conference attendees resulting in impressive downloads and user activity.

With 3,529 unique mobile app users, an estimated 88% of the attendees to whom the promotional emails were sent used it to maximize their time before and during the event.

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a2z News

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a2z, Inc. Launches ChirpE 365 Native Mobile App To Engage Event Audiences
At Expo! Expo! 2013, we will be showcasing ChirpE 365, a brand new mobile solution to extend the reach of business events by engaging audiences the year round.

ChirpE 365 is designed to facilitate the syndication of an event organizer's complete suite of content to their community 24/7/365.

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a2z, Inc. Welcomes Omar Kechrid and Laura Goodling to the a2z Sales Team
We are very pleased to welcome two more highly qualified experts to our growing sales team. Omar and Laura are both true professionals, and will add bandwidth to meet the market demand for our ever-expanding product portfolio.

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Upcoming Events

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Expo! Expo! IAEE's Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2013 | 11-12 December 2013 | Houston, TX 
Visit a2z in Booth 117 on the show floor during Expo! Expo! to check out our new products, enter the drawing for a cool tech gadget and enter a fun contest at the ChirpE Photo Booth!


ChirpE Photo Booth Scavenger Hunt @ Expo! Expo!
Visit the following organizations on the Expo! Expo! 2013 show floor, get your photo taken, provide your email and enter a raffle to win a cool giveaway!

  • a2z, Inc.
  • ASP, Inc.
  • International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE)
  • J. Spargo & Associates
  • Projection Presentation Technology
  • The Expo Group
  • Visit Baltimore
Recent Articles

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a2z helps event organizers realize new revenue for their events
This summer, a2z launched the new Online Sponsorship Sales Management module to help show managers tap into new revenue that had previously been a gap in the traditional sales process.

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Your Event Attendees Are People Too
Angi Carr, VP of Professional Services at a2z, recently attended New York Comic Con (NYCC) to observe what brings 116,000 attendees to a show with 200 exhibit booths.

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Exhibitor Product Galleries In ChirpE Native Mobile Apps
Earlier this month, we released a number of feature enhancements in our ChirpE powered native apps for Android and iOS devices.

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How to Use Prescheduled Tweets to Promote Your Event
A couple of weeks ago, Twitter announced a new feature which allows all users to schedule a tweet.

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Even Engineers Love a Good Photo Opp
At the 2013 event in Seattle, planners used a secret weapon to turn the normally introverted attendees into social media mavens.

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New Clients

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