a2z Launches New Business Intelligence (BI) & Reporting Engine For the B2B Events Industry 

The state-of-the-art, robust BI & Reporting Engine is now available on a2z's cloud-based application platform to serve the B2B exposition, conference, and meeting organizers.

Columbia, MD, September 19, 2018 - a2z, the leading technology solution provider to organizers as well as participants of leading business events in North America, announces the official release of its new BI & Reporting Engine.

BI & Reporting Engine

Available to a2z’s clients at no additional cost, this engine is designed to help event management teams mine and visualize their data with unprecedented ease. Suitable for both small and big shows, the engine’s user-friendly features offer extensive control over what data objects to include, and how to sort and filter the information. It also includes visualization tools that let users build their own story using easy-to-use data comparisons with eye-catching charts and graphics. 

The key features of this new release are:

  • Business Intelligence (BI) platform
  • Intuitive, interactive user interface with drag & drop features
  • Powerful data visualizations
  • Multi-event, multi-dimensional reporting
  • Rules-based and user-driven workflows
  • Comprehensive report sharing, emailing, scheduling & printing features

“When there are too many numbers in a report, our eyes start to glaze over,” said Rajiv Jain, a2z’s president and CEO. “One big part of this release is that you can see the data, you can group it, you can slice and dice it. Show organizers can now tell the story they see in the data. It’s also easy to share and distribute, making it very easy to share the insights in a timely manner.”

“This feature is unique in the exhibitions industry. It’s rare to be able to do comparisons on the fly, without having to import data from a lot of different sources,” Jain said. “In the past, exposition teams had to do it all manually. They can now do it in a very visual way. That makes it an extremely powerful resource.”

"We are excited to preview a2z's new BI & Reporting Engine," said Manuel Lemus, Business Manager, Emerald Expositions. "It's a powerful solution for data mining and visualization and will prove very useful for our entire suite of events. I'm glad that a2z is bringing such cutting-edge reporting capabilities into its solutions to make self-service analyses easier. We're looking forward to creating multi-faceted reports for our brands so that, moving forward, our show management teams can make even more insightful projections and decisions.

The new BI & Reporting Engine is a big milestone in a2z's ongoing initiative to provide the events industry with access to meaningful, predictive data to help it innovate and grow faster. a2z's StAR (Strategic Analysis Report) service which helps executives make more effective, data-driven decisions for their future shows and the CEIR Exhibitor Retention Benchmarking Dashboard Tool are already making a significant contribution to insightful decision-making in the industry.

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