a2z, Inc. Launches Standardized AMS Integration for Exhibit Management System on the Abila Marketplace for Nonprofits and Associations

a2z, Inc. today announced it has launched a standardized and productized integration with a2zShow event management system on the Abila Marketplace, which is designed to provide nonprofits and associations with quick and easy access to solutions and services to enhance their existing Abila products. The integration will take the existing Abila netFORUM™ database and make that available to the exhibits management solution, a2zShow. When transactions are made in a2zShow, the purchases and payment history will copy back into the Abila database.

Customers can now utilize a baseline integration between a2zShow and Abila netFORUM

"a2z, Inc. has had successful integrations with Abila netFORUM in the past, however the turning point here is that now it is a productized integration." said Angela Carr, Vice President, Professional Services at a2z, Inc. "Standardizing and productizing the process is the jumping point for more robust, economical, & easy to deploy integrations and a deeper partnership between two wonderful organizations."

AMS Integration for a2z, Inc. Event Management System Key Features

  • When customer changes happen, one system can be the master for capturing these changes and then both systems (Abila netFORUM and a2z) will be up to date.
  • Exhibitors can utilize rich features of the a2z Event Management System, including online contract, online floor plan, eBooth (to advertise their presence at the show) and exhibitor self–service portal (includes the ability to make online payments).
  • Exhibit history will copy directly into Abila netFORUM, including purchases, products and payment history.

"We're excited to have a2z be a part of the Abila Marketplace," said Céline Felan, Program Manager for Abila. "Our partners are such an important part of our success. They offer key products and services that truly help our customers by extending the value of our nonprofit and association solutions."