IAEE Launches #ExpoExpo Connect™, Powered by a2z, to Facilitate Networking Success for Event Participants

The International Association for Exhibitions and Events has announced the launch of Connect™ , powered by a2z, to connect buyers, sellers, and peers at Expo! Expo!. Fully incorporated within the myexpoexpo.com event website, Connect incorporates two networking and matchmaking programs - BizConnect and Hosted Buyer Program - both specially designed to put the event participants' networking success on the fast track. 

Using Connect, registered attendees will be able to quickly find educational sessions as well as suppliers and products from the exposition industry which are most likely to augment their success. From comprehensive search options to built-in intelligent recommendations, and from interactive galleries to personalized calendars, this robust solution takes the guesswork out of building an optimized event plan. Connect provides a centralized repository for attendees’ education sessions, notes and appointments with suppliers exhibiting at the event.

For exhibitors too, Connect is the perfect launch-pad for their own promotional campaigns and for showcasing their products & services on the event website before the show even begins. Exhibitors can engage their target audience, collect genuine pre-show leads and communicate with targeted buyers weeks ahead of the event.

This Expo! Expo! Annual Meeting and Exhibition will be held from December 1-3, 2015 in Baltimore, MD and will bring together trade show organizers and industry suppliers for their mutual benefit through the exhibition, education and networking events. The focus of Expo! Expo! is to create a learning culture and strategic networking opportunities. 

The 2015 Expo! Expo! Connect platform leverages a2z's state-of-art networking and matchmaking technology and is fully integrated in the event's responsive and adaptive website that is fully accessible from all modern browsers, devices and operating systems. The myexpoexpo.com website also features an HTML5-powered interactive floor plan and conference schedule for attendees as well as an eCommerce enabled self-service console for exhibitors.

"Every year, Expo! Expo! brings together a diverse group of leading professionals from the global exhibitions and meetings industry to facilitate intense networking in three action-packed days," said David Dubois, CMP, CAE, FASAE, CTA, President of IAEE, "Myexpoexpo.com and Connect™ will put seamless digital solutions in the hands of our buyers and suppliers, and help them build new connections as well as strengthen their existing business networks. It is a natural next step in extending the services Expo! Expo! provides to our highly engaged audience at and beyond the onsite event."

"a2z and IAEE are long-term partners in bringing innovation to the events industry," said Rajiv Jain, CEO & President, a2z, Inc., "Our goal is to increase the value of the event for attendees and exhibitors by providing them a toolkit to be more effective before, during and after the event. Connect is designed to deliver relevant content to the audience for the event, help them build connections, and create communities with likeminded professionals."

About IAAE
Trusted since 1928, IAEE provides quality and value to its members through leadership, service, education and strong relationships. IAEE is the largest association of the exhibitions and events industry in the world, with a membership of show organizers, exhibitors and exhibition suppliers. Organizers of more than 20,000 exhibitions and buyer-seller events around the world are members of IAEE, and the organization advocates and promotes the awareness of face-to-face exhibitions and events as the primary medium for business development and growth. IAEE provides relevant, timely and innovative education to its members and the industry.